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Number Five is Alive!

Update: 1 May, 2021

We have purchased our fifth aircraft, a PA38 Tomahawk, ZK-MAJ. More information below.


FML continues to serve WAC well, although we are still needing to invest a reasonable amount of the income it is earning, back into maintenance. We had a wish list of aspects we also wanted to invest into this aircraft this year, such as larger wheels, but other priorities will likely delay this investment a bit.


Jay is making steady progress. The inside of the fuselage is primed and painting of the control surfaces has begun. Most required parts have been sourced and purchased, not without quite some effort on Jay’s part.

The PA38 out of the US (NJT)

Jay's man in USA has advised things are on track to get the container delivered next week, either Thursday or Friday (6/7 May, he is waiting for confirmation from the trucking company. Fingers crossed.


Our PA38 purchased from Taupo is having its engine sent to West Aero in Mercer to be dismantled in preparation for reconditioning, its propellor sent for reconditioning and the windscreen replaced, plus the engine mounts will be NDT’ed and the firewall tidied while the engine is off.


This is a PA38 we were put onto by the engineer who is helping us with JHF. It has a little over 4,000 hrs total time and has a well known service history, with complete and comprehensive log books. It has been hangared most of its life and while it is showing signs of its age, there is no sign of extensive corrosion. A very suitable project.

The engine out of LyCon

We are still waiting confirmation of when this engine will be ready for shipping. Since COVID is playing havoc with sea freight, we decided airfreight was preferable. Dave Morgan has been good enough to give us Air NZ’s support for airfreighting the engine out to us once its ready. Thanks Dave.


We do not currently have the funds to complete the four aircraft (MUM/NJT/JHF/MAJ) in time for the next school in January 2022. Our priority is very much MUM, then NJT and if we can organise sufficient funding JHF and MAJ.

Thank you to all who are supporting our projects. It is only possibly by your support.




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