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In September 2021, JHF was leased to Wellington Aeroclub. However, they had indicated that they were looking to purchase a third PA38 and that the lease may not be long term. In January 2022, Wellington relinquished its lease of JHF and the aircraft was returned to Motueka.

In early April, JHF was leased to Nelson Aeroclub. In early May it was involved in an incident when one of their members drove the aircraft straight at the lip of the sealed taxiway resulting in a prop strike at relatively high power.

Fortunately, the insurance accepted our claim, and within a fortnight of acceptance, Jay McIntyre came over to Nelson to complete the removal of the (very low hour) engine, which was sent to South Air in Dunedin for the mandatory bulk strip and inspection. The prop was sent to Airbus in Blenheim for its inspection. Luckily, the prop could be repaired but is apparently on limits.

In order to get JHF airworthy and back under our control, Jay fitted the second of the two rebuilt engines from Lycoming and we test flew JHF that same weekend, landing back at Motueka.

In late July Hawkes Bay and East Coast Aeroclub began leasing JHF.

In November JHF had its initial avionics upgrade of a Garmin GTX335W ADS/B Out and In Transponder and a Garmin Aero 660 VFR GPS Navigator display.

In the calendar year 2022, $25,101 was invested in JHF. Bringing the total investment to date in this aircraft to $136,218.

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