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The people behind WASSI

Every major undertaking succeeds or fails based on the strength of the people behind the scenes making it work.

Since its inception WASSI has been gifted with a strong committee who have ensured that the dreams and goals of the Organisation are never far from the day-to-day stages, and through their dedication WASSI has delivered on many of the milestones originally set.

The current committee members are presented below.

Mark Woodhouse—Chairman

The man with the vision. Mark originally conceived the idea of WASSI after many years as CFI of the Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School.

Mark has had immense experience in education, and aviation training in particular through his Air Force career, his career with Air New Zealand, and his personal business running Waypoints Aviation with his wife Ruth.

Mark Woodhouse.jpg
Steve Scott

Steve Scot also has spent many years as a CFI at the Walsh School.

When he is not overseeing flight training, or operating as a senior pilot with Sir New Zealand’s regional turboprop fleet Steve bends his skills to running his home craft brewing operation.

Steve Scott.jpg
John Hamilton

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John Hamilton.jpg
Nic Vandershantz—Secretary

When he is not acting as the ‘Deputy Sheriff’ Nic is a lecturer at Waikato University as well as the Secretary for WASSI.

Nic was originally a student at the Walsh, and has progressed through the ranks to his currently held position of Deputy Camp Director.

Nic Vandershantz.jpg
Stephen Bodt—Treasurer

Another student of the Walsh Steve brings a wealth of financial acumen to the WASSI.

Under his guidance the organisation has been set up as an officially recognised charity.

Dave Jupp

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Dave Jupp.jpg
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