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The fuselage, wings and control surfaces were painted late 2021, although we have not completed final assembly yet, as this would increase its space requirements and thereby increase the risk of hangar rash.

The engine for MUM came from NJT, and was reconditioned by South Air in Dunedin. This was completed in April 2022, mounted to the airframe, but has not yet been run.

The restoration of MUM continued throughout 2022. This included a complete rewiring, repair to the instrument panel and the upgrading of the avionics to include two Garmin G5s; a Garmin GTX335W ADS/B Out and In Transponder; a Garmin Aero 660 VFR GPS Navigator display; and a Garmin radio.

The undercarriage legs, fairings, brake discs and wheels all required replacement.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time (and money) in 2022 to complete MUM in time for it to be used at the 56th Walsh in 2023.  Later in 2023 when we had the financial capability, Jay McIntyre at JEM Aviation did not have the manpower to fit in the required work. so MUM was not available for the 57th Walsh in 2024.  However, we are confident of being able to complete MUM and have it available for lease in mid 2024 and have been approached by an two excellent lease prospects so the future is looking promising for MUM.

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