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ZK-NJT (nee N24634)

The import CofA is now completed and the NZ registration (ZK-NJT) had been issued. The wings have been stripped for repaint and, due to the condition of the existing paint, the fuselage will also be completely stripped. Painting is planned for February.

The avionics fit has been selected (matching MUM’s) and paid for, but the same supply delays mean we aren’t expecting completion until February.

The engine for NJT is one of the two ordered direct from Lycoming in Pennsylvania. This was paid for and released from their factory on the 20th of December. Again, thanks to the hugely valuable assistance of Dave Morgan, Air NZ are air freighting both engines from LA to Auckland and are air freighting the two return engine cores to LA in the next week or so.

While I am hesitant to put dates on it, I am hopeful we will receive the new engines before the end of January.

The restoration of NJT continued progressively throughout 2022, including a complete paint strip and repaint in the WASSI scheme.

In September it completed its avionics upgrade of two Garmin G5s; a Garmin GTX335W ADS/B Out and In Transponder; a Garmin Aero 660 VFR GPS Navigator display; and a Garmin radio.

The initial plan had been for NJT to be fitted with is one of the two engines ordered direct from Lycoming. However, the prop strike to JHF led to a replan and in November/December NJT was fitted with the engine out of JHF which was bulk stripped, inspected and repaired by South Air in Dunedin.

As this process required the replacement of the rings and tappets, the engine required being run-in again and in December significant effort was put into completing the required hours to complete this before the 2023 Walsh Flying School. During this process a small number of issues were identified that will require rectification early in 2023.

NJT was hangared at Motueka until the Walsh and will be leased at some time in 2023.

In the calendar year 2022, $78,061 was invested in NJT. Bringing the total investment to date in this aircraft to $211,154.

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