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May 2019 update

Hi folk, Two significant developments in the last few weeks with respect to WASSI. Firstly, a month ago we purchased a C152 Aerobat airframe and propeller (no engine). It is ZK-MUM, an aircraft many of you will know from past Walsh schools. It was part way through its SIDs programme when the organisation that owned it went into receivership. It was subsequently purchased from the receivers and we have been fortunate to purchase the complete airframe and propeller for $10,000 plus GST (which of course is refunded by IRD). MUM is obviously a long term restoration project, which we expect to take about 18 months, unless someone can offer about $150K to speed up the process! Secondly, FML’s 100 hour check in the last couple of weeks threw up some unexpected maintenance issues. The AH has died and the strobe power pack has packed up - excuse the pun. But most significantly, the engine has been making metal, has compression down on one of the cylinders and obvious corrosion damage, so requires replacement. The committee is exploring options for each issue but obviously this development has put significant strain on WASSI funds. We have some money, but probably not enough to manage all issues in the short term. To that end Steven Bodt and I are putting together another application to Lion Foundation for funding support for FML’s engine et al. We also need to increase the number of people making small regular contributions and the number of organisations/people making larger contributions. We have some ideas, but would welcome others. Your ideas and initiatives would be most welcomed. Woody

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