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September 2019 update

Hi folk,

I thought it was time for an update on the WASSI. While it may have seemed quiet from your end, it has been anything but!

In May we were fortunate to be given the opportunity to purchase (for a very reasonable price) a Cessna 152 Aerobat (ZK-MUM), which many of you will know. The airframe had previously been dismantled for SIDs inspection but was complete, and the aircraft came with a relatively low hour propellor but no engine. MUM is currently in a container at Omaka.

Also, at FML's Annual/100hour inspection earlier this year, it was discovered that the engine had suffered serious corrosion, probably from long periods of very low utilisation prior to our purchasing it. The engine was scheduled to reach its 12 year “life” in September 2020 and we had hoped to be able to fly off the remaining hours in that time. But alas, from the inspection of the cam, it was patently obvious that the engine required reconditioning/replacement. Jay was surprised it ran as well as it did.

Following extensive research into reconditioning/replacement options, the respective costs and the time scales for delivery, a decision was taken to purchase a "refurbished” engine from Lycoming in the States. Their agent in NZ being Oceania Aviation (Flightline) in Dunedin.

While it took significantly longer than initially indicated the engine arrived today, and the attached photo shows the crated engine at JEM Aviation’s workshop in Omaka Blenheim. We are hopeful it will be fitted and running in the next couple of weeks.

One of the results of this frenetic activity (at least from our point of view) is that we have virtually exhausted our available funds.

To date, we have been very fortunate to enjoy the financial support from a number of quarters. From very large donations, to regular modest donations from about 10 individuals/couples. We are very appreciative of this support - you know who you are. However, we are a few thousand dollars short of the amount required to complete the fitting of the engine and the upgrade of the avionics to the ASPEN electronic flight instrument system.

So we would ask you to put your thinking caps on and see if you can offer any suggestions as to where we might be able to get a little more support to get us over the line.

We have some ideas for fundraising for the restoration and re-engining of MUM, but before we can progress those we need to complete FML and get her back onto the line at Wellington Aeroclub.

Your thoughts and initiatives would be appreciated.

Woody and Steven Bodt

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