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Inspiring young people since 1967

For over fifty years, the Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School has been teaching young people to fly.  Every January, 74 students from various backgrounds and ethnicities camp for two weeks at Matamata aerodrome, participating in camp life, all while learning to fly.
One very key aspect of the school is that it educates and develops personal growth opportunities for students to develop in areas such as leadership skills, personal responsibility and confidence.

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The Walsh is run on a not-for-profit basis and able to run thanks to the generous support and time given by a range of volunteers.  All staff are volunteers, and many organisations such as Air New Zealand, MetService, Airways Corporation, ALPA and RNZAF assist and support the attendance of their members.


  • The Matamata aerodrome and campground facilities.  These facilities have proven ideal for the running of the school over the past 51 years.

  • A consistent group of students who are driven to attend a school to develop both their interest in aviation and soft skills leadership and personal/interpersonal skills.

  • The body of volunteers of a very high professional standard giving their time free of charge to the School.

  • The financial support from a large number of organisations and individuals including Air New Zealand, ALPA, RNZAF, Met Service and Airways Corporation.

  • Lastly, the use of a fleet of 17 light aircraft for the duration of the school.  These aircraft fly a total of about 750 hours at the school.  Aircraft are currently hired from private owners, aero clubs and flight training organisations.

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